Securidata has been around since 2004, serving small businesses in the Montreal (Quebec) area. Securidata specializes in Information Technologies in the fields of networking, local area networks, data security, as well as cloud computing hosting. Securidata offers a courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber and is available 24/7.

Securidata’s mission is to implement secured inter networking solutions primarily for small business. Small businesses often have the same needs as much larger corporations but they are often left in the hands of IT companies with limited large business background and lack of methodology. This is where Securidata comes into play with services derived from its experience in large corporations. Securidata believes that small businesses should have access to the same technologies used in large businesses.

Securidata’s business model is quite simple: offer large enterprise class products and services to small businesses. More recently, with the advent of cloud computing, Securidata is now capable of offering enterprise class shared services to small businesses at a fraction of the price.

Securidata mainly works with the following manufacturers in order to secure, host and create customized environments: Microsoft Operating Systems, Watchguard routers, Trend Micro Security products, HP Business computers, laptops and servers, etc.

Securidata also offers a technical translation and documentation service for those who need to translate technical documents into French or English or need assistance in documenting IT and general management documents. Large businesses ale welcomed.

Please visit our Products and Services sections for more details or if you have any question, contact Securidata directly by e-mail at or by phone at (514) 945-3647.

Securidata: Security Above All

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